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Two New Sites:

Celebrating the work of David Berlow and showcasing the typefaces of Tobias Frere-Jones

Two new sites honor the work of our founder, David Berlow, and one of our most esteemed designers, Tobias Frere-Jones.


When David Berlow received the 2014 Type Directors Club medal, this celebratory page was launched to coincide with the ceremony. Featured is a video of David telling his own story, and outtake clips that you don’t want to miss. The page was designed by Font Bureau cofounder Roger Black, with help from Nick Sherman and Skylar Challand of Oak.is.


The Tobias Frere-Jones site was made to showcase Tobias’s Font Bureau typefaces, and coincides with his Keynote at TypeCon 2014. After an introduction by Berlow, the site shows specimens of his typefaces and even explains his role in solidifying our house specimen style. The page was made by Indra Kupferschmid and Jacob Heftmann.