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Same time this year

Work and play at the offsite on Martha’s Vineyard with the people of Font Bureau.

Dyana Weissman & Richard Lipton

Every year for many years, probably ever since Font Bureau started, we’ve had offsites. They started out as a once-a-year weekend gathering to some non-Boston locale to determine which fonts we’d be releasing in the coming year. We still gather once a year, usually now to Martha’s Vineyard, but do more than just look at fonts. We still do look at a lot of fonts, though.

Here are some photos of us working and not working.

Jon Corum & Jill Pichotta

Harry Parker & Matthew Carter

Mark Record (with Scott Kellum in the background)

Sam Berlow

Jill Pichotta, David Jonathan Ross & Jon Corum

Cyrus Highsmith

David Berlow

Roger Black

Mary Louise Marino

Stephen Coles