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Supplement to the Third Edition of Font Bureau’s One-Line Type Specimens.

It’s been three years since we printed our Third Edition One-Line Type Specimens booklet and it was about time we did something similar again. So we made a supplement, which presents the very latest additions to Font Bureau’s retail library and also includes Webtype and Reading Edge web fonts prepared for the rigors of the web.

We went on press a couple of weeks ago, to the fine folks at Kirkwood Printing.

Meet Robert Brown, who could shepherd any print job even with his eyes closed.

And our stellar pressmen, Steve Toomajanian and Jim McLaughlin.

Harry with a loupe checking the finer details of our first sheet off the press.

Mary, in the visitor badge.

Harry driving us back to Boston in his 1970 VW bus. Fun, even in the pouring rain.

And here it is!

As before, one line of type is shown in each style of every font family for easy comparison of weight, width, copyfit, and aesthetic. We’ve even belly-banded the supplement with our Third Edition One-Line Type Specimens booklet. The duo is everything in our library (well, mostly), now at your fingertips plus a few families and expansions yet to be released and coming in the months ahead. 

Want your own free copy? We thought so. Go here.