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Input update

Input 1.1: David Jonathan Ross’s elegant font for coding has new characters that users have asked for.

Input 1.1

Based on user feedback, we have added new characters, including:

  • Alternate curly brackets-they’re a little less, well, curly
  • An alternate zero, with no dot or slash in the middle, but still distinct from the capital O
  • Powerline symbols, for stylish statuslines with Powerline

Download the latest version from http://input.fontbureau.com. And now you can easily customize your download directly from the interactive preview, as well as share and bookmark those settings.

Input in Use

It has been incredible to see all the ways that Input is being used, from responsive themes for source code editors to elaborate data displays. Here are a few published uses:

Get in Touch

If you have comments or questions about Input, or about the typography of code and data in general, send them over to us at input@fontbureau.com. We are always excited to hear how folks are using the typeface.

Happy coding,
David Jonathan Ross & The Font Bureau