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The Empathy Project

After our successful collaboration on The Empathy Project, Paul Rucker commissioned me to design the identity and publication for his most ambitious project yet. Rewind explores America’s uncomfortable history of social justice and race relations with sculptures, historical material and objects. During the long process of visual research, I came to know of some of the most horrific true stories I’ve ever heard. A deeply emotional and disturbing project, Paul wanted it to be accessible in the most modern yet historically relevant way. We decided to create a thorough show catalogue, designed as a newspaper with background information and research each concept.
I designed this newspaper in a visually organic, eclectic way, mixing text and image on a visual anchoring system that echoes a timeline of sorts. It is a chronological view of information starting from slavery and ends with contemporary discourse on police brutality. The show and the paper were well recieved by the community at large. 
I chose to use the typography to be the bridge between reader and the different times we are rewinding to: A Scotch Roman (commonly used in American publications in the 19th century) for text and contemporary revivals of old grotesques for header and caption text.