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Whitman by Kent Lew

a Modern for those of us who don’t like Moderns

July 17, 2003 Boston — The Font Bureau, Inc. announces the retail release of Whitman from Kent Lew, a new text face in the American type tradition of Dwiggins and Gill. Whitman features classical design traits treated with a Spartan finish to create this award-winning face, honored in 2002 by the Type Directors’ Club of New York.

At the time of its creation, book and type designer Kent Lew “Designed Whitman as a Modern for those of us who don’t like Moderns. It has that rationality and balance and symmetry, but I tried to avoid the cold, brittle contrast and hard geometry of most Moderns.”

Whitman offers a Roman, Italic, Smallcaps and a Bold; each with the option of lining or oldstyle figures. It’s greatest strength may lie in the small details and fine finish that its designer has taken great care to incorporate. Kent Lew, after all, spends as much time using type as designing it, and is well aware of the typographic refinements that distinguish a superior face.