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Escrow goes big and small

Cyrus Highsmith designed 44 styles in this new Scotch series. Escrow sets the tone of the front page of The Wall Street Journal, envy of the newspaper industry. “Escrow is the spectacular element holding the whole thing together” Design Director Joe Dizney.

With the addition of a new Banner style for big headlines and the Reading Edge version for easy reading onscreen, the Escrow family offers a complete solution for print and digital, from very large to very small.

Escrow Banner, drawn by Richard Lipton based on Cyrus Highsmith’s design, is aimed at the very largest headlines or titles. It takes strong contrast, already an Escrow family trait, to extremes, giving the editorial designer a dramatic range of styles for consistent effects across print and digital media.

Escrow Banner matches the existing weights and widths of the Escrow family: its 28 styles comprise five weights (Light, Roman, Semibold, Bold, and Black) and three widths (Normal, Condensed, and Compressed), all in both roman and italic. Escrow’s range and variety is ideal for use in elegant, glamorous branding, advertising, and headlines.

Escrow RE brings the strengths of the Reading Edge series to Escrow, with four styles (Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic) carefully crafted and engineered by Dyana Weissman to be clear and readable at text sizes onscreen.

The Escrow family was created for The Wall Street Journal, where it has been the keystone since Mario Garcia’s redesign of 2002. Design Director Joe Dizney has described Escrow as “the spectacular single element that holds the whole thing together.”

Escrow Banner joins Miller Banner, Big Moore, Big Caslon, Stilson, Whitman Display, and Zocalo in a long line of elegant solutions for designers.

Shown above: (headlines) Escrow Banner Compressed Black, Escrow Banner Semibold; (decks) Escrow Semibold, Escrow Italic; (byline) Escrow Text Roman SC & Escrow Text Italic; (text) Escrow Text Roman.