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Readability Series migrates to retail library

The Readability Series, a set of text families developed for readability in newspapers, is available for retail licensing.

For more than a decade, the Readability Series of typefaces has been part of Font Bureau’s commitment to the needs of our clients and a response to emerging trends and print technologies. Now, with another wave of technological change and evolving trends, not just in print media, but also in online typography and mobile web use, it makes sense for the typefaces of the Readability Series to migrate to our Retail Library for the same licensing options and affordable price.

From Readability to Retail

The new Retail versions are not substantially changed from the original versions in the Readability Library, and character sets may vary between families; but we’ve taken advantage of the OpenType format to merge small capitals and alternate figure styles and improve access to stylistic alternates, where applicable.

In cases where an original text series was graded, the Retail version represents what we consider to be the standard, multi-purpose grade. (For those customers who still require multiple grades for print media, the original Readability fonts are still available for license. Please contact us directly for ordering information.)

Readability Typefaces

In the weeks to come, we will be in the process of migrating the Readability Series to our Retail Library. These typeface families include: